Make your Solar as a Hybrid


Do your know that you can operate your solar system and store your power in a battery or switch to a generator automatically

Here is how it work

Sprig energy storage systems


  • Alternatives and different brand solutions as per your budget
  • We could also organize a funding scheme for you
  • This system will ensure that even without fuel in the country you still will have power in your home, Even without power from CEB or LECO.

Sri Lanka could face long power cuts, water shortages, grid failures from March

Sri Lanka could face multi-hour power cuts, blackouts in large parts of the grid and water shortages in Colombo if the current policy of avoiding one hour load shedding at any cost is continued, industry watchers familiar with the ground situation have warned.

Growatt Energy Storage Solutions

Growatt has complete high-frequency off-grid inverter, low frequency off-grid inverter, MPPT controller, solar pump inverter, and related lithium battery as well as monitoring products, which can form 3-30 kW photovoltaic off-grid systems according to the needs of practical applications.

Sprig energy storage Solutions



MultiPlus-II GX

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