Solar for people & businesses
of any scale.


Sprig leverages strategic partnerships to allow for affordable solar installations that work for everyone. Don’t believe us?

+100’s of projects completed, managed & implemented by our technology partners


Days to mobilize

We mobilize in days, not months.

Our team of consultants and technicians will full-fill your call back within 24 hours and initiate any project in record time. From project evaluation, planning to mobilization.

We have partnered with specialized technology partners to be able to deliver large volumes of work in parallel while maintaining work standards.

Domestic Solar Installations 


Designed for homes & families, our dynamic team of engineers and consultants have combined their years of experience to be able to affordably scale the installation cost of any solar installation.

Starting from 5kW and above, our scope of services include everything from surveying the property to managing the panels for the decades to come. All, while being able to guarantee transparency and competitive pricing.


Commercial Solar Projects

For large corporations, warehouses and industrial grade projects that exceed 1MW. We deploy the specialist team to be able to ensure project feasibility, calculate accurate returns to stakeholders while ensuring ongoing support and maintenance throughout the lifespan of the engagement. 

We have established long-standing relationships with our partners and have deployed projects at large scales for multi-national organizations. Our portfolio is available on request.

Special Investments in Solar

For institutional investors looking at diversifying your portfolio with higher returns than standard investment vehicles, we provide the opportunity to invest in long-term government funded solar initiatives.

Partnering with the “Gamata Balaya” initiative by the Sri Lankan Government, Sustainable Energy Authority & Ceylon electricity board, we’re able to facilitate long-term, stable returns for our network of local and international investors.

Rooftop Rental Projects


Designed for organizations, factories and warehouses that have large-scale rooftops but are not planning on implementing solar installations on their own space.

 We work together to connect you with investors and partners to be able to implement solar installations on your behalf under a revenue share agreement. This allows you to monetize an unused asset while taking on zero risk.

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